In salon Melidora you can choose from a variety of dried herbs. We pay attention to the high quality of our herbs and carefully select individual varieties. For herbs selected during an advanced professional consultation we create a blend that is suitable for your hair or skin.

Why herbs?

Every herb has a specific effect and by mixing them together we get a complex, pure and natural care targeted to a specific problem (for example: dry skin, oily hair etc.). Herbal wraps are very effective with regular and professional use as they don’t clog skin pores with toxic chemicals. On the contrary they clean the pores deeply. Customers who prefer natural hair care can combine a herbal hair wrap with pure natural hair cosmetics from Schwarzkopf Professional or luxury products from Alterna.

How do we store our herbs?

Our high quality herbs are profesionally dried and packed. We store them in glass containers, which preserve them very well. You can see our herbs in the shop in our salon.

Is herbal care suitable for every type of skin and hair?

Herbal baths and wraps are good for everyone, but if you are suffering from eczema, allergies or if you are pregnant, we recommend a consultation with a doctor first. Children are also very welcome, but because of depth of our bath, children under the age of 12 must be under adult supervision.

What do we prepare from our herbs?

We prepare bath blends, hair wraps and delicious teas from our herbs. You can enjoy herbal baths also in your own home – we can mix bath ingredients especially for you to take away. We have a proven recipes, but we are willing to mix a blend of your choice. The complete list of our herbal baths and wraps can be found in “Our Services”.