Our Services

Hair Salon

In Melidora’s hair salon you have a choice: You can choose the ‘natural’ part of our salon where our hairdressers work with luxurious hair products from the American label Alterna using caviar and bergamot and where we can give your hair a herbal spa. Or you can go to the ‘classic’ part of our salon where our hairdressers work with high quality hair products from Schwarzkopf Professional. We also work with the brand new OLAPLEX system, thanks to which your hair will remain healthy and beautiful even after colouring and highlighting.

We also offer shampoos, conditioners and styling products for use at home. We will gladly help you in selecting the right products best suited to you.

Herbal bath

For the tired body we have a special private spa in which you can relax your muscles and also calm your nerves. It’s up to you if you would like silence or quiet ambient music. We prepare our herbal baths on location in our salon from fresh and dried herbs. The relaxing bath is accompanied by your choice of herbal tea.

Our selection of Herbal baths:

One sort herbal bath:

  • camomille bath
  • melissa bath
  • levander bath
  • nettle bath
  • thyme bath
  • oat bath
  • chocolate bath

Herbal blend baths:

  • provensal fantasy
  • forest relaxation
  • lemon dew
  • rose siesta
  • olive paradise
  • cinnamon boost
  • vanilla sky

Herbal spa baths:

  • detox bath
  • invigorating bath
  • calming bath
  • soothing bath for aching joints

Herbal hair wraps

In the ‘natural’ part of our salon we also work with fresh and dried herbs. We mix them according to our best recipes and tailor the ingredients to the needs of each client.


After having a herbal bath you can indulge yourself in a pleasant relaxing massage performed by one of our certified masseuses. You can select from rich range of massage oils and also enjoy a lava stone or heated towel massage.

We offer many types of massages:

  • back + neck (60 min)
  • neck (20 min)
  • arms (60 mins)
  • legs (60 mins)
  • neck + hands (40 mins)
  • feet (20 mins)
  • neck + hands + feet (60 mins)
  • whole body (150 mins)
  • anti – migrane massage (40 mins)


In our salon we can offer you a revolutionary procedure called Kinesiotape.

What is kinesiotape for?

Kinesiotape is color adhesive tape, with elastic and structural properties very similar to human skin. Application of this tape helps with healing of injured tissue but at the same time it doesn’t limit blood and lymph flow and movement of joints. Thanks to the design of the glue on the tape, kinesiotape helps function of joints and supports lymph and blood circulation.

What is kinesiotape for?

Compared to fixed tape kinesiotape doesn’t limit any movement, so your muscles are relaxed and you can do whatever you want to (sports, work etc). You can swim with kinesiotape and you can wear the same tape for few days in a row and it will still work and look good.

Chocolate massage

Discover the beneficial effects of chocolate and combine any type of massage with our special chocolate massage. Chocolate contains many substances which are good for your skin.

Peat body wrap

Peat with its beneficial effects helps relieve symptoms of cellulitis and that’s why it often forms a part of weight loss programmes. It hydrates skin so it also helps to prevent skin aging. Peat is also a great treatment for people with arthritis and aching joints.

You can combine this body wrap with any type of massage, herbal bath, peeling or lava stone massage .

This procedure is only recommended for people without high blood pressure or circulation problems.